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Orthopaedic Centre

The Orthopaedic Centre at The Princess Grace Hospital is a specialist facility offering wide ranging treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. When visiting The Orthopaedic Centre; which is located at 30 Devonshire Street, just off Marylebone High Street in West London, patients of can expect to receive the best available treatment for hip, knee, spinal, shoulder and elbow, foot and ankle, and hand and wrist problems.

The Orthopaedic Centre is a five floor specialist facility and is equipped and staffed to focus solely on the treatment of bone, muscular and associated conditions. Experienced Consultants from London’s finest teaching hospitals manage the treatment of their patients, whilst expert healthcare and diagnostics professionals from The Princess Grace Hospital provide an environment which encourages the best medical outcome for patients.

The Orthopaedic Centre is fully supported by diagnostic imaging facilities including MRI, CT, Ultrasound and low dose digital X-Ray and any conditions requiring surgical intervention or inpatient medical treatment can be provided by The Princess Grace Hospital, which is just moments away from The Orthopaedic Centre.

With a long history in the treatment of orthopaedic problems, The Princess Grace Hospital is well known for its innovation in healthcare. The hospital was the first in the UK to invest in the MAKO robot for the treatment of hip and knee problems, which is now considered the gold standard for hip and knee replacement surgery, and became the first in Europe to conduct a total knee replacement with the robot.


As healthcare improves and life expectancy increases, it becomes increasingly likely that you will outlive the natural lifespan of your joints. However, the treatment of hip problems is often very successful and even major operations such as total hip replacements now have very positive outcomes. The Orthopaedic Centre offers comprehensive treatment options for hip problems, whether they are caused by a fall, sports injury or natural wear and tear.


Knee problems can be wide-ranging and as such, treatment options will be similarly varied depending on the nature of your injury.

At The Orthopaedic Centre we are experienced in treating the full spectrum of knee problems, from ligament to joint damage. Whether you’ve suffered from a ski injury, hurt yourself playing football or just feel that your knees are struggling to keep up with your active lifestyle as you’ve got older, we can offer advice from first-class medical experts.


Treatment of spinal problems is important both because of the impact of the spine on the rest of the body, and also because back problems are very common. Therefore it is important when seeking treatment to ensure that you find a provider who you can trust, and one with the capacity to treat the full range of back problems, from the relatively minor to those which are more complex.

The Orthopaedic Centre hosts some of the finest neuro-spinal surgeons in London, and is well equipped to diagnose and treat all causes of back pain. The Princess Grace Hospital offers full support for complex surgery, including the provision of full intensive care if needed.

Shoulder and Elbow

Many shoulder and elbow injuries can be treated with physiotherapy. However, more serious injuries may require surgical intervention such as shoulder or elbow reconstruction. Occasionally joint replacement surgery may also be appropriate.

The Orthopaedic Centre offers a full complement of treatment options, from physiotherapy and therapeutic injections, to surgical intervention such as shoulder rotator cuff repair or elbow arthroscopy. Most shoulder and elbow surgery can now be completed using keyhole techniques, improving the speed of recovery.

Foot and Ankle

Foot and ankle treatment requires specialist attention as the ankle joint is quite anatomically complicated. However, in many cases treatment can be very successful and minimally invasive treatment or therapeutic options such as steroid injections can allow patients to get back on their feet quickly.

A number of excellent foot and ankle specialists hold clinics at The Orthopaedic Centre and are supported by physiotherapists from The Princess Grace Hospital.

Hand and Wrist

The Orthopaedic Centre hosts a specialist hand therapy service, which allows for injuries to the hand and wrist to be quickly assessed and for patients to receive appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

Working closely with hand and wrist consultants, The Orthopaedic Centre is therefore able to offer expert treatment for hand a wrist problems ranging from tendon inflammation and injury, to issues with arthritis, as well as joint injury and skeletal deformities.

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