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London Digestive Centre

41 Welbeck Street - Lonodn Digestive CentreHCA UK London Digestive Centre is a highly specialised outpatient facility which treats conditions of the stomach, small and large intestines, liver, pancreas, and bile duct. The London Digestive Centre is situated at 41 Welbeck Street and offers the highest quality of private healthcare treatment to all patients.

Gastrointestinal conditions are often best treated using a multi-disciplinary approach, which means that doctors and healthcare professionals from related specialities can liaise with one another to ensure that accurate diagnosis and most appropriate treatment is delivered as quickly as possible.

At the HCA UK London Digestive Centre, experienced consultants from London’s top teaching hospitals will be based in the same building, providing an ideal environment for appropriate referral between specialists as well as the capacity for holding multi-disciplinary meetings to share best practice.

Interventional Radiology at London Digestive CentreFull diagnostic imaging services will be available on-site at the London Digestive Centre, with services including MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computerised tomography), Ultrasound, low dose digital X-Ray, and Fibroscan. Any patients who require further inpatient treatment can be referred directly to The Princess Grace Hospital, which is only a short walking distance away.

Liver, Pancreas & Bile Duct

The liver, pancreas and bile duct are each vital organs which impact on many bodily functions. Liver disease is increasingly common in the UK and cancer of these organs can progress quickly so it important to see the correct specialist. London Digestive Centre offers quick access to some of the finest hepatobiliary consultants in the capital.

Checking the health of your liver

HCA UK Nurse meeting patient

FibroScan® is the brand name of a revolutionary ultrasound scan that measures scar tissue (fibrosis) in the liver. Also called transient elastography, Fibroscan® is used to diagnose liver disease and detect liver cirrhosis. It is a quick, non-invasive, low risk, highly accurate liver check which can be repeated over time.

Despite patients needing to fast prior to having the scan (four hours is recommended), no anaesthetics is needed with patients being able to continue their day immediately after the test.

As the largest organ in the body, your liver is essential to your well being. As well as purifying blood of bacteria, digestive products and alcohol or drugs, your liver carries out more than 500 functions to keep you healthy and alive.

According to Public Health England, liver disease accounts for approximately 8,500 deaths per year in England. Factors such as the rise in obesity, contributing to the increase of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and the premature deaths associated with alcohol related liver disease (around 4,000 per year), means getting your liver scanned early for signs of fibrosis or cirrhosis is very important.

Checking the health of your liver at an early stage will help in treating any conditions that may present. Typically treatment involves changing your daily routine, or introducing lifestyle changes which will help resolve problems before they become too serious and irreparable.

Screening costs £420 (as of Jan 2018) and this package includes:

  • screening tests, which can take place on a day suited to your schedule with a clinical nurse specialist
  • results are given in the form of a letter (within 48 hrs) by a hepatologists/liver specialist and also sent to your GP if requested.

To book a FibroScan® appointment, please call us on 020 7034 5047

Stomach problems

Issues with your stomach can have a number of causes, including food intolerance, peptic ulcers, and stomach cancer amongst many others. As such, many patients can become worried by their symptoms and are therefore keen to have an answer as quickly as possible. At London Digestive Centre patients can be seen quickly by one London’s top Gastroenterologists, who have access to first class medical support and diagnostic equipment.

For further information about stomach conditions click here

Intestinal problems

Issues of the small and large intestines could be due to diet and allergies as well as functional problems such as haemorrhoids (piles). Intestinal discomfort can also be a sign of something more concerning such as bowel cancer, so it is important to get an answer from an experienced specialist as quickly as possible. At London Digestive Centre we’re able to able to make appointments quickly to ensure that you are put at ease without delay.

For further information about intestinal conditions click here

London Digestive Centre offers quick access to some of the finest hepatobiliary consultants in the capital. For further information about conditions of the liver, pancreas or bile duct  click here

How to find the HCA London Digestive Centre?

Map of HCA London Digestive Centre

London Digestive Centre, 41 Welbeck Street, Marylebone, London W1G 8DU.

To contact the London Digestive Centre call us on

020 7908 8001

The HCA London Digestive Centre is part of HCA Healthcare UK, run by The Princess Grace Hospital. The Princess Grace Hospital has a rich history of treating stomach, liver and intestinal problems, with services ranging from the minor conditions such as haemorrhoid treatment (piles) or endoscopy, to the management of major conditions such as liver, pancreatic, or gastrointestinal cancers.

As such, patients of London Digestive Centre can rest assured that they are being taken care of by highly experienced medical professionals, who will place their needs above anything else.

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