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Greg Shaw


Special Interests

Prostate cancer diagnostics, prostate cancer MRI, prostate biopsy




Greg Shaw qualified in medicine at St Bartholomews Medical College in 1999. His focus on prostate cancer started with an MD research degree at St Bartholomew's Hospital in 2005. Thereafter he trained as a Urologist in North London where he earned Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. In order to further develop his interest in prostate cancer he took up a 4 year Lectureship at The University of Cambridge working in a world class research team and generating important findings from his research. In Cambridge Greg began to develop his interest in robotic surgery which was consolidated through the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of England Fellowship program. Now a consultant at University College Hospital and St Bartholomew's Hospital, Greg uses his scientific training to interpret the latest evidence regarding prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, to provide the best possible care for patients suspected of having, or proven to have a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

His private practice includes the investigation of common problems such as blood in the urine, difficulty in urination, raised PSA levels and urinary tract infections. In his Private Practice, he investigates, diagnoses and treats patients with prostate and bladder cancer. He uses a range of biopsy approaches including transperineal and MRI guided, to diagnose prostate cancer. He also performs benign prostate surgery and inguino-scrotal surgery.

He takes pride in establishing positive therapeutic relationships with his patients and their families.

He performs 150 robotic prostatectomies per year, amongst the highest rate for UK urologists. Greg is known for evaluating and using the best technical modifications to attain excellent results for his patients.

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