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Suks Minhas

MD, FRCS, Urol


Special Interests

Male infertility, penis and testicular cancers, penile reconstruction, andrology, genito-surgical procedures, erectile dysfunction, Peyronie?s disease, varicoceles, hydrocoeles, and vasectomies




Mr Suks Minhas is a Consultant Urologist and Andrologist. He is honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Urology, University College Hospital, London. He specialises in andrological surgery and is one of the only full-time andrological surgeons in the UK. He has completed an MD thesis in the physiology of the penis and erectile dysfunction, completing his training in andrological surgery at the Institute of Urology in London. Mr Minhas is supra-regional chairman for penile cancer services at University College Hospital London with over 200 published abstracts, papers and chapters on the subject of andrology. He has chaired scientific meetings both nationally and internationally in the field of andrological surgery. He is also referee to a number of scientific journals and is part of a number of consultation forums on andrology. He is actively involved in the teaching and training of surgeons in the UK and is an internationally invited speaker. He is currently chairman of the British Association of Urological Surgeons, Section of Andrology.

In 2011, Mr Minhas was awarded the prestigious Karl Storz Telescope award. The award is given to urologists within ten years of their first consultant appointment, who have made a significant and lasting contribution to British Urology. The purpose of the award is to recognise excellence in young urologists.

Mr Minhas' area of expertise is male infertility including surgery for blockages, surgical sperm retrieval including PESA, MESA and microsurgical TESE for ICSI with sperm freezing, vasectomy and microsurgical reversal of vasectomy, genital oncology including surgical treatment of cancer of the penis, testis and scrotum, sexual dysfunction including medical and surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction. His expertise also covers ejaculatory disorders including premature ejaculation, testicular pain, Peyronie's disease, medical and surgical treatments, penile reconstruction following penile cancer, trauma and micro-penis.
His expertise further extends to other surgery of the testis and scrotum, including undescended testis, hydroceles, varicocele, epidymal cysts, lymphoedema of the scrotum and congenital disorders of the scrotum, other surgery of the penis, including circumcision, frenuloplasty, penile reconstruction for balanitis xerotica obliterans, lymphoedema of the penis and disorders of the suspensory ligament of the penis.

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