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Jean-Marc Guichet

MD, PhD, Doct. Sci.





Dr. Jean-Marc Guichet - MD, PhD, Doct. Sci.

Mr Jean-Marc Guichet is orthopaedic consultant in reconstruction and lower limb surgery. He is a member of the British Orthopaedic Association, the British Society for Children's Orthopaedic Surgery, and other international Societies (SOFCOT, SOFOP, etc.). He is a world leader in limb lengthening and developed several techniques for bone deformity correction or fracture fixation.

Dr. Guichet studied Medicine and Orthopedics in France where he graduated, but did a fellowship in Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York where he graduated from a PhD in New York University. He was awarded another PhD from France (Marseille). He studied Biomechanics, bone healing, implant design, and developed an international practice. He was Senior Lecturer Honorary Consultant at the Pediatric Limb Reconstruction Service in Sheffield.

Dr. Guichet has a strong focus on bone deformity correction, limb lengthening and limb reconstruction, including complex surgeries involving joint reconstruction. He has been spending his last 15 years on optimizing patient recovery and quality control as well as developing novel methods to cure advanced bone deformities. He received several awards (French Ministry, etc.) and his work is being recognized worldwide and published in top journals.

Dr. Guichet developed the Albizzia nail in 1991, then the Guichet Nail System mainly used for limb lengthening and limb reconstruction and commercialized since 2010.

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