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Timothy Briggs


Special Interests

Prostate Cancers, Prostate Disease, Female Incontinence, Robotic Laparoscopic Radical Prostectomy




Mr Timothy Briggs is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at University College London Hospital NHS Trust. He qualified from St Bartholomew's Medical School in 1984 and after basic surgical training and gaining his FRCS he embarked on a career in Urology. After finishing his training he spent a year in the Concorde Hospital in Sydney Australia.

As a Consultant he has developed an interest in prostate cancer and bladder cancer and has used the da Vinci Robotic System from 2010. In 2012 he became part of the pelvic cancer team at University College London Hospital where he routinely performs robotic radical prostatectomies for the treatment of prostate cancer, cystoprostatectomies (removal of prostate and bladder) and cystectomies for the treatment of bladder cancer.

Robotic surgery involves minimal access surgery so patients don't have large scars and the recovery time is quicker which means they are usually home within 1-2 days after major surgery. With patients undergoing robotic radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer, the type of operation they have will depend very much on the stage and grade of cancer but all these aspects are discussed in great detail with my patients so that they have a full understanding of what their surgery will involve prior to undergoing surgery.

Currently, Mr Briggs has performed over 200 laparoscopic radical prostatectomies and well in excess of over 500 robotic radical prostatectomies.

In his Private Practice, as well as performing robotic radical prostatectomies, he will investigate, diagnose and treat patients with prostate and bladder cancer and perform transperineal prostate biopsies following multi-modality MRI in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. He also treats benign prostate disease and performs benign prostate surgery/UroLift and scrotal/genital surgery. He also sees patients with most general urological conditions such as haematuria (blood in the urine), urinary tract infections, and female incontinence.

Mr Briggs likes to take time to explain sensitive problems in plain English, not all Urology problems require surgery, so he explains all the different treatment options to his patients helping them to come to the correct treatment choice that is right for them and in their own time.

In this day of super-specialisation, and in the unlikely event he felt a problem lies outside the scope of his Practicem he would recommend a Colleague who he thought would be more appropriate for that particular urological condition.

In his spare time he is a keen cyclist.

Areas of interest: Robotic radical prostatectomy; Radical cystoprostatectomy; Diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer; Diagnosis and treatment of bladder cancer; Benign prostate disease; UroLift surgery for benign prostate enlargement; PSA assessment; Haematuria; testicular and scrotal conditions; hydroceles, epididymal cysts, vasectomy, urinary incontinence; Urodynamics; female incontinence; recurrent urinary tract infections.

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