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Urgent Care

The Urgent Care Centre, London's private urgent care walk-in centre, is based at The Princess Grace Hospital. Patients must be over the age of 18 and initial treatment is on a self-pay basis.

Urgent care is provided for a variety of conditions, including acute medical conditions such as respiratory and chest complaints; traumatic injuries; ear, nose and throat conditions; fractures, sprains and strains; stomach, bowel and bladder problems; minior wounds, burns, or cuts and grazes and general aches and pains.

The centre is fully staffed by a dedicated team of doctors and nurses, led by a clinical director with an interest in Urgent Care. With access to on-site X-ray facilities and labs, the Urgent Care Centre offers a complete initial assessment of your problem.

If you visit the Urgent Care Centre at The Princess Grace Hospital, you can expect:

  • Walk-in appointment with minimal waiting time
  • Should referral and/or admission be necessary, instant referrals to leading consultants are available

Feeling unwell? Contact us on 020 7908 2144

Service hours:

Daily, 8.00am–10.00pm, all year round

The last appointment is at 9.30pm.