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Treatment Techniques

A comprehensive range of treatments is available. They are designed to be effective, individualised and goal-oriented. These techniques include but are not limited to:

Exercise therapy

Individual programmes aimed at regaining active range of motion, strength and overall function. These are completed independently and in our gym.

Manual therapy

A hands-on approach to mobilise any restricted soft tissues or joints, utilising mobilisation, manipulation, muscle energy and positional release therapy trigger point release or massage techniques.

Movement analysis and retraining

Many conditions relate to faulty movement patterns and postural misalignments. Increasing patient awareness of irregular movement patterns and retraining specific muscle groups to achieve a better alignment is important in helping to prevent a recurrence of these conditions.


A wide variety of ultrasound, electrotherapy and laser therapy machines are available to promote healing, relax spasm, and reduce pain and swelling.


The Western anatomical acupuncture approach is used to deal with pain, swelling, spasm, restricted movement and relaxation.


Our therapists run pool-based treatment sessions at a local hydrotherapy pool twice a week.

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