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Spinal Surgery

The Spinal Surgery department at The Princess Grace Hospital offers an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to treating spinal conditions. Our team consists of consultant neurosurgeons and consultant orthopaedic surgeons as well as specialist spinal nurses who provide complete care, from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. State-of-the-art treatments include endoscopic spinal surgery, microdiscectomy, total disc replacement, minimally invasive fusion surgery and kyphoplasty.

The London Endoscopic Spine Surgery Centre is based at The Princess Grace Hospital. We were one of the first hospitals in the UK to offer this ground-breaking new treatment, which represents a new and better era for patients requiring lumbar disc surgery for common conditions such as back pain and sciatica. Endoscopic spinal surgery is simply performed under sedation through a cut no bigger than a needle puncture. Patients routinely go home within 24 hours, can return to work in a few days and are able to play sport within weeks. No other technique offers such a speedy recovery.

When you undergo spinal surgery at The Princess Grace Hospital, you can expect:

  • Your procedure will be performed by a dedicated team of international experts in spinal surgery using state-of-the-art equipment 
  • To benefit from our investment in cutting-edge technology – our success rates for spinal surgery are over 90%, and no other technique offers such a rapid recovery

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