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Robotic Orthopaedic Surgery

The Princess Grace Hospital is proud to be the first private hospital in the UK to offer robotic orthopaedic procedures for patients requiring a partial and total knee replacement or total hip replacement, by making use of a MAKOplasty robotic arm.

Before the surgery, you will have a CT scan which generates a 3D virtual model of the area to be operated on. This model is used to create a unique surgical plan based on your anatomy and will indicate the optimal size and placement of your implants, which is vital for correct biomechanical reconstruction. During the operation the robotic system guides the surgeon based on the personalised pre-operative plan and prevents them from moving outside of pre-defined boundaries; however, the surgeon can alter the plan intraoperatively as necessary based on real-time information. The guidance provided by the system means that the surgeon is able to remove the diseased bone while preserving the surrounding healthy bone and tissue.

The robotic system allows for much more accurate placement of your implants compared to traditional methods, meaning that you will have a more natural feeling knee post-partial knee replacement and smaller differences in leg lengths after a total hip replacement.

The benefits of using the robot include a smaller incision, fewer complications, less pain and faster recovery times; restoring your confidence in your mobility and helping you to return to your active lifestyle within weeks. Additionally, the lifetime of implants is dictated by the accuracy of placement, with more accurately positioned implants lasting longer. Therefore, replacement surgeries performed using the robot are likely to last longer and so result in greater patient satisfaction.

Patient Testimonial:

 Read Julie's account of how MAKO robotic surgery changed her life

The following surgeons are available to perform MAKO procedures at The Princess Grace Hospital

Prof. Fares Haddad
Mr. Sujith Konan
Mr. Sam Oussedik
Mr Paul Harnett
Jonathan Miles
Neil Bradbury
Mr Sebastian Dawson-Bowling
Miss Samantha Tross

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Modern medicine is being revolutionalised, watch how robots are changing surgery, and what this means for patients.

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