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The Physiotherapy Department at The Princess Grace Hospital provides expert physiotherapy on both an inpatient and an outpatient basis.

The Physiotherapy team is made up of experienced clinicians all of whom are full members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Health and Care Professions Council.  

Our physiotherapists are highly skilled in using physical approaches to improve, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social wellbeing, tailored to meet the individual needs of patients. 

If you have physiotherapy at The Princess Grace Hospital, you will benefit from:

  • comprehensive physiotherapy assessment prior to treatment
  • Treatment by a state-registered, chartered physiotherapist with an extensive range of skills

Contact us:

Inpatient department

Telephone: 020 7908 2216
Daily, 9am–5.00pm

Emergency Out of Hours 17:00-09:00
Out of hours: 020 7498 1234

Outpatient department

Telephone: 020 7908 3660
Fax: 020 7908 3661
Monday to Friday, 8am–6pm

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