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The Orthopaedic Centre at The Princess Grace Hospital is a multi-disciplinary facility for the specialised treatment of a wide variety of musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and associated disorders. Our extensive diagnostic facilities ensure that our patients’ needs are fulfilled to the highest level at all times.

The combined expertise of our consultants and healthcare professionals enables us to offer surgical interventions, such as arthroscopies, joint replacements and orthopaedic procedures, to improve function and treat traumatic and congenital deformity. Our specialist neuro-spinal surgeons carry out a range of complex spinal surgeries to manage conditions such as scoliosis, prolapsed disc and back pain, and we also provide medical management of osteoporosis and arthritic and rheumatological conditions.

When you visit the Orthopaedic Centre at The Princess Grace Hospital, you can expect:

  • Access to our extensive diagnostic facilities, which ensure the best medical outcomes
  • Rapid treatment from our musculoskeletal team, which consists of specialists in every aspect of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation
  • The best specialist treatment for your condition – for example, our dedicated snow sports injuries team offers expert advice, support, treatment and rehabilitation for injuries caused by winter sports

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