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Colorectal surgery

Colorectal surgery is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and abnormalities of the small bowel, colon, rectum and anal canal. At The Centre for Medical and Surgical Gastroenterology and Hepatology at The Princess Grace Hospital, we offer a wide range of procedures to repair damage caused by diseases of the lower digestive tract, such as cancer, diverticulitis and inflammatory bowel disease. Our colorectal surgeons also frequently assess and treat patients with a number of conditions affecting the anal canal, such as abscesses, fistulae and haemorrhoids.

Extensive options for colorectal surgery include endoscopy and colonoscopy, a minimally invasive form of keyhole surgery. Performed on an outpatient basis, patients are able to return home sooner and recovery time is kept to a minimum.

When you have colorectal surgery at The Princess Grace Hospital, you will benefit from:

  • Access to one of the largest, fully integrated gastrointestinal (GI) facilities in the independent sector
  • Treatment by our team of senior consultants, many of whom are at the peak of their profession and include distinguished surgeons who specialise in colorectal procedures
  • multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, bringing together the combined experience of consultants specialising in lower gastrointestinal conditions with specialists in endoscopy

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