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Clinical Leadership

Clinical Standards and Quality at The Princess Grace Hospital

From delivering compassionate patient centred care through to offering the latest advances in medicine, The Princess Grace Hospital has a deep commitment to providing every one of our patients with the highest quality individual care and treatment.  

To ensure the quality and safety of clinical care, The Princess Grace Hospital is guided by an expert team of world-leading consultants and medical professionals.    

Meet the Experts

Professor Sina Dorudi is The Princess Grace’s Medical Director, overseeing overall clinical care. Professor Dorudi was formerly lead Consultant Colorectal Cancer Surgeon at Bart’s and The London NHS Trust and Professor of Surgical Oncology at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Professor Fares Haddad, Professor of Orthopaedic & Sports Surgery and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Princess Grace and Divisional Director at University College Hospitals and Director of the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health, leads on Clinical Governance.

Professor Ameet Patel, a Consultant Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgeon at the Princess Grace at who has been influential in developing new surgical techniques, chairs the Hospital’s Medical Advisory Committee. He also practises at Kings College Hospital.

Here the three Professors explain how they advise and shape clinical standards at the hospital to put quality and safety at the heart of patient care.

Putting patient safety and care at the centre of everything we do

"To provide the best standards in clinical care a hospital needs to be able to provide access to highly expert teams of consultants, quality facilities, state of the art technology, and have in place the process and governance that put the care and safety of patients at its core.  

We work together with the CEO and wider hospital team to ensure the hospital is providing exactly that; for every single patient, every single day."

Robust Clinical Governance

"A hospital’s governance policy guides its approach to patient safety and care and sets the standards to which everyone works. Clinical governance at the Princess Grace, is geared towards reaching for the highest standards and puts in place the checks and measures to give patients the peace of mind about their care.

As part of clinical governance, we monitor patient outcomes, review safety and infection control policies, identify staff training needs and work together to ensure that we are always sharing knowledge and best practice.  

Because of this robust clinical governance structure we are able to review all oncology patients at a multi-disciplinary team meeting- which brings together all of the professionals involved in the care of a patient to discuss treatment options available and the best way forward for that patient.

At our bi-monthly Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) meetings we review clinical governance and make sure we are meeting the high bar that we have set for ourselves. These meetings offer the opportunities to flag any clinical concerns or areas for improvement and we are able to advise the hospital on resolving these. It is at these meetings that we also discuss changes to national regulations and scrutinise any new treatment options consultants want to introduce to ensure that they are clinically sound and supported by evidence.

The track record of our clinical governance structure speaks volumes and it is testament to the hospital’s absolute commitment to delivering the highest standards in safety and care."

Outstanding Clinical Expertise

"It is because of the Princess Grace Hospital’s reputation for high standards that many of the nation and indeed the world’s leading consultants- choose to work with the hospital and HCA Healthcare UK.

This access to such a varied, high calibre team of consultants at the top of their game with proven track record in both their private and NHS practice is in itself a real marker for quality care.

Every year we receive applications from consultants wishing to practice here and we make recommendations to ensure our clinical teams always live up to our high standards.

Clinical expertise goes beyond our consultants; the Princess Grace has a team of highly qualified medical professionals including nurses, radiographers, physiotherapists and resident medical officers all dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for our patients."

Quality Clinical Facilities and State-of-the-Art Equipment

"As surgeons, the environment that we practise in is extremely important and the Princess Grace provides outstanding facilities with rigorous standards of upkeep as determined by our clinical governance policies.

The hospital has been designed with the most complex care and treatment in mind and alongside 126 beds and eight operating theatres it is home to the largest robotics surgery centre in the private sector; with the latest advances in technology enabling new minimally invasive treatments to take place.

To reflect the complex care that takes place, we have a level three intensive care unit (the highest level of intensive care) with consultants and senior ITU nurses available to provide seamless 24/7 cover.

As experienced consultants, our aim is always to provide the best clinical care to our patients, it’s the reason why we do the job we do and why we are so involved in research that will advance medicine in the future. The Princess Grace wholly shares in this aim and we are proud to be able to provide the clinical advice, leadership and guidance to help the hospital to achieve this."

Further information about Quality and Clinical Governance and the Medical Advisory Committee

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