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Management Team

Our experienced executive team is responsible for making sure that the hospital runs safely, that our world-class consultants and nursing staff treat patients with the highest standards of care, and that our facilities are up to date and well maintained.

Continual improvement and development are high on the team’s agenda, along with ensuring that every member of staff strives for the very best outcomes for patients.

Charlotte Tempest

Chief Executive Officer

T: 020 7908 2498


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Raymond Guirguis

Chief Operating Officer

T: 020 7908 2052


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Sara Morgan

Chief Nursing Officer

T: 020 7908 2496


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Richard Dimblebee

Chief Finance Officer

T: 020 7908 2446


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Darren Dear

Chief Human Resources Officer

T: 020 7908 3678


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Professor Sina Dorudi

Medical Director

T: 020 7034 5008


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